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Typically made up of steel, aluminum or copper, metal roofs offer some of the best protection for your home or commercial building. They withstand high winds, shed snow and rain very effectively and are fire resistant. Metal roofs are very lightweight yet durable, typically lasting 35-50 years.

In addition, metal roofs are more reflective than asphalt shingles, which provides significant savings on cooling bills and energy consumption. While generally more expensive than asphalt roofing, metal roofs are cheaper than tile or slate roofs.

Professional Metal Roofing Contractor in PA

Metal Roofing by LGC RoofingLGC Roofing installs and repairs metal roofs, specializing in standing seam metal roofing. Made from panels that securely interlock, standing seam roofs attach in vertical sections from the rooftop to the eaves. Standing seam metal roofs are practically maintenance free, since they don’t corrode, crack or split.

Standing seam roof panels, available in many colors, styles, and textures, are fabricated on job site to fit unique measures for every roof. Our metal roofs come with 35 years material warranty.

Metal Roofs Are Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient

Metal roofs are a sustainable roofing material. Composed of 50 to 100 percent recycled materials, metal roofs are easy to install and are light and easy to ship. This reduction in mining, smelting, and transportation requirements limits the environmental footprint of this Eco-friendly material. To top that off, metal roofs can be recycled again and again.

In addition, metal roofs are more reflective than asphalt shingles, which provides significant savings on cooling bills and energy consumption. A metal roof can save money on air-conditioning costs, since it has higher heat reflectivity than other roofing products such as asphalt fiberglass shingles, wood, tile, etc. During the summer, energy-efficient metal roofing makes buildings cooler by reflecting more sunlight and reducing the percentage of heat transmitted into the building. Similarly in the winter, it makes buildings warmer by reflecting more inside heat from the underside of the roof back inside. This excellent thermal reflectivity translates into energy savings by reducing winter heating costs and summer cooling costs.

If you want metal roofing in Bucks, Montgomery County, or Lancaster, LGC Roofing offers top notch installation services. Our attention to detail, factory trained contractors, on-site quality control and dedication to customer satisfaction allowed us to become trusted top quality PA roofing contractor!

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