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Slate roofing is one of the most durable and attractive roofing materials available on today’s market and is widely used in both residential & commercial roofing.

Whether you’re considering natural or composite slate, LGC Roofing contractors are experts in slate roofing installation, repair, and restoration!

Professional Slate Roofing Installation Contractor in PA

LGC Roofing is a Certified DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor!We install both natural & composite slates specializing in DaVinci slate roofing installation, the best composite slate roofing material available on the market today. We are a Certified DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor!

We also excel in slate roofing restoration, a repair process that will save you thousands and avoid unnecessary replacement of your roof. We do everything we can to reclaim slates that are in good condition and only replace those that cannot be reused.

Slate Roofing Repair/Restoration Process

  • First we evaluate the problem. We check whether you have any slates missing or damaged, whether the flashing and valleys are in good shape and if the roof is reparable or not.
  • After inspection is done we will provide you written estimate of the work that needs to be performed, the price details and warranty period information.
  • In order to start working we then install special setup that prevents us from walking directly on slates.
  • To replace missing or broken slates we have to remove old nails using special tool called slate rippe. We then remove all pieces of broken slate, install slate hook and hang new slate.
  • If we need to change flashing or valley, all slates around it need to be taken off, new flashing put into place than the same slates are installed.

Advantages of Natural Slate Roofing

LGC Roofing Installs Natural Slate Roofing

Natural slate is a high-end roofing material that offers an upscale look and enhances a variety of architectural styles. Lasting 50 years or more, original slate roofs are beautiful, durable and eco-friendly. However, because of its significant weight slates can be installed only on houses which are designed to bear large weight roofs. They also need to be inspected every year and necessary repair work needs to be performed to keep roof in good condition as replacement can be very costly.

Advantages of Composite Slate Roofing

LGC Roofing Installs Composite Slate Roofing

Composite slates are a synthetic imitation of real slates. They are natural in appearance but cost far less than their natural cousin, are lightweight, durable and easy to install.

Virtually maintenance free, composite slate roofing lasts 40-60 years and comes in a broad palette of beautiful and distinctive colors and blends.

  • LGC Roofing specializes in residential & commercial roof repair and replacement in Bucks & Montgomery counties of Pennsylvania.

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    "Nice job on installing a slate roof for us. I was very impressed with their attention to detail and the crew was on top of keeping the site clean at all times. I have already recommended them to two people." ~Steve P., Bedminster, PA.

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