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Depending on quality of materials & installation, wood shake roofs can last anywhere from 30 to 60 years.

Wood shake roofs are Eco-friendly, renewable, versatile, and can easily enhance curb appeal in a way asphalt shingles simply cannot. They are more expensive, tricky to install and require extra maintenance, however. Annual roofing inspection & proper care are vital if you want your wood shake roof to last. Power-washing and the application of chemical cleaning solutions, preservatives, and pigmented finishes can add resilience and enhance the roof’s appearance.

Professional Wood/Cedar Shake Roofing Installation Contractor in PA

Family owned/operated, LGC Roofing has been installing wood and cedar shake roofing for over three decades!  We also excel in wood shake roofing restoration, a repair process that will save you thousands and avoid unnecessary replacement of your roof.

We service Bucks & Montgomery Counties of Pennsylvania, and are licensed and insured for your protection.

LGC Roofing Is a PA Wood/Cedar Shake Roofing Contractor

Wood Shake Roofing Restoration Process

Cedar roof is very expensive to replace. However, the same cedar roof can be restored to give the roof an additional life of five or more years for fraction of the replacement cost.

  • Wood/Cedar Shake RoofingCleaning The Roof – We start wood shake roof restoration process with a thorough and environmentally friendly cleaning. Your cedar roof is first saturated with a restorative detergent then gently washed to remove moss, dirt, graying, and atmospheric dirt.
  • Repair and Replacement – After cleaning, a thorough inspection of your roof follows. Any damaged, rotting, loose or missing wood shakes are repaired or replaced.
  • Rust and Leaks – Rust preventative cold galvanized primer is applied to all galvanized or stainless steel valleys and flashing. We also inspect all skylight seals and chimney flashings, recaulking and repairing when necessary.
  • Site Preparation – Prior to applying cedar shake preservative, we will protect the surrounding area with hoses and tarp. This makes sure that your home, driveway, walkway and greenery will not be damaged.
  • Preservation – Once this has been accomplished, a coat of wood preservative is sprayed over the entire roof surface. This penetrating oil based treatment will restore water repellency, prevent the re-growth of wood destroying mold, mildew and fungus and protect the roof from photo-degradation and hydrolysis by sunlight.

If you want wood shake or cedar roofing in Bucks, Montgomery County, or Lancaster, LGC Roofing offers top notch installation services. Our attention to detail, factory trained contractors, on-site quality control and dedication to customer satisfaction allowed us to become trusted top quality Eastern PA roofing contractor!

  • LGC Roofing specializes in residential & commercial roof repair and replacement in Bucks & Montgomery counties of Pennsylvania.

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    "Nice job on installing a slate roof for us. I was very impressed with their attention to detail and the crew was on top of keeping the site clean at all times. I have already recommended them to two people." ~Steve P., Bedminster, PA.

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